Job Summary:

Euclid Techlabs is seeking full time (Senior) Research Scientists to conduct or support particle accelerator (primarily electron linac) and material science related research and projects at the Euclid Research facility located in Bolingbrook, IL. The candidates should have experience working within a dynamic and multidisciplinary team environment and participating in multiple R&D projects. The candidates are also strongly encouraged to take a leading role in the exploration of new research directions.


  • Masters Degree or higher in physics or electrical engineering
  • Solid knowledge in material science, particularly in microscopy and spectroscopy
  • Deep understanding of electron emission sources, including field emission and photoemission;
  • Familiar with the thin film synthesis, like CVD, PVD, sputtering, etc.
  • Good practice in various microscopy and spectroscopy tools, like SEM, Raman spectrometer, etc.
  • Proactive to explore new field and willing to take leading role in new scientific research directions
  • Excellent writing and communication skills, team work, and scientific presentations.

Preferable Qualifications:

  • Good knowledge of particle accelerators
  • Experience in high power rf engineering and/or mechanical design
  • Ability to support complex laboratory experiments
  • Solid publications record

Euclid Techlabs LLC is an equal opportunity employer. Euclid provides a competitive salary, benefits package that includes accrued vacation, shared-cost health insurance, retirement program, and paid sick days and holidays. Euclid provides a relocation package that includes reasonable transportation expenses to Illinois, time-off to find suitable living accommodations in the Bolingbrook area.

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Posted 2017-07-21