Job Opening: Research Scientist (Physics)

Position Duties

Assist in the calculations of the mechanical stiffness of the superconducting (SC) conical half-wave (HWRc) cavity including He vessel;
Coordinate simulations of the microphonics in HWRC cavity, i.e., self-consistent electro-dynamic and mechanical simulations of the entire system, cavity plus He vessel;
Simulations of the microphonices in 3-cell SC traveling wave cavity (SCTW);
Electro-magnetic simulations of the travelling wave excitation and support in 3-cell SC traveling wave cavity (SCTW);
Provide 3D solid models of HWRc and SCTW cavities to the vendor;
Interact with vendors on the drawings development for HWRc and SCTW;
Assist the vendors with the HWRc and SCTW cavities manufacturing;
Participate in the quality control of the cavities, mechanical measurements, RF measurements and high-gradient test.


Master's in Physics, Accelerator Physics or related

Position Duties

12 months (Physicist, Research Scientist, or related). Must have 12 months experience with HFSS, ANSYS, and CST/Particle Studio computer codes, normal conducting and superconducting structures design and modeling.

Location of Employment:

365 Remington Blvd,
Bolingbrook, IL, 60440


Mr. David Dunay
Operations Manager
5900 harper Road, Suite 102
Solon, OH 44139
Tel (440) 519-0410
Posted 2018-01-15