Euclid receives DOE award for HEP Accelerator Stewardship R&D program

Euclid Techlabs awarded FY15 Accelerator Stewardship Test Facility Pilot Program grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The mission of the HEP long-term accelerator R&D stewardship activity is to support fundamental accelerator science and technology development of relevance to many fields, and to disseminate accelerator knowledge and training to the broad community of accelerator users and providers.

Carrying out this new mission (in addition to carrying out the present HEP programmatic R&D effort) will be accomplished through:

  • facilitating access to national laboratory accelerator facilities and infrastructure for both industrial and other U.S. government agency users/developers of accelerators and related technology;
  • working with accelerator user communities and industrial accelerator providers to develop innovative solutions to critical problems, to the benefit of both the broader user communities and the DOE discovery science community; and
  • serving as a catalyst to broaden and strengthen the community that relies on accelerators and accelerator technology.

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Created 10.1.15