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Innovations that deliver big power
in small packages

The ultra-fast TEM retrofit: Experiments that took days now take minutes

Our affordable upgrade turns any transmission electron microscope (TEM) into an ultrafast instrument that can capture dynamic events in-situ to a space-time resolution of 10-23 m•s. It opens up new frontiers in direct visualization of atomic-scale processes over all frequency ranges with our innovative adaptation of beam physics and RF (radio frequency) technology.

The Euclid UltraFast Pulser™ module: The low-cost upgrade

The Euclid Ultra Fast Pulser (UFP) module can be installed in any existing or new TEM creating a fundamentally new stroboscopic instrument economically, without the drawbacks and high cost of lasers, photocathodes, etc. You get unprecedented data acquisition speed (100-1000X faster), wide frequency tunability, and high-resolution low-damage images in minutes.

Euclid has established close working relationships with all of the EM industry leaders to enable the UFP to be retrofitted across all major TEMs.


The compact portable accelerator:
taking vision to a new place

Our novel, ultra-compact MeV range electron source opens up a wide range of opportunities. Mobile radiotherapy for cancer treatment. On-the-spot passenger and cargo inspection at airports and borders. Small footprint flexibility for materials characterization, sterilization and radiation-driven chemistry. It’s powerful enough for the research lab, yet portable and flexible for field applications.

New opportunities for small-space applications, customized for OEM

For small space applications, Euclid has miniaturized two beam physics technologies: A pencil-sized dielectric-loaded accelerator (DLA), and an Ultra-Nano Crystalline Diamond Field Emission (UNCD-FE) cathode for high current applications (10 mA per pulse). Together, the resulting compact portable accelerator is an integrated system ready to take you into new markets.

High-quality USA-made HPHT and CVD diamonds and diamond-based applications

Euclid is known for both the highest quality and crystallinity HPHT/CVD diamond growth, and the development of diamond-based optical and electronics applications. These growth technologies are currently being applied in advanced physics research with future applications in medical dosimetry, satellite electronics, defense, next generation high brightness X-ray sources, quantum information and sensing.

Tunable lab-grown diamonds made to order

We are at the forefront of lab-grown diamond technology, reducing the cost while increasing tunability, flexibility and overall performance. We grow high quality diamonds with material properties tailored for specific applications including high-crystallinity dislocation free plates for X-ray and UV optics applications (HPHT), and specifically doped diamonds for detectors, radiation hardened electronics, and quantum information and sensing applications (MPE CVD).


Accelerator components and services for global leaders in accelerator technology

Euclid provides national laboratories, global research centers, universities, and industries with innovative instruments and technologies.

Working with global leaders

From the U.S. National Laboratories (such as Argonne, Fermilab, Brookhaven, and SLAC) to customers in Europe and Asia, our unique expertise and capabilities are an important contributor to the advancement of global accelerator and materials technology. Examples:

  • IDIQ contract with CERN to develop nonlinear components for tuning RF cavities
  • Phase I and II awards in collaboration with U.S. DOE, NIH, DOD, and other agencies
  • Phase III (commercialization) awards/collaborations with NIST, NNSA, NIH, Northwestern Proton Center and Hines Veterans Affairs Hospital

Custom solutions and consulting for industry, space, medical and military applications

Our clients often need solutions that are not off-the-shelf. Euclid can assist with out-of-the-box solutions and designs quickly and efficiently. Whether it is a broadband RF sample stage for an electron microscope, a customized electron source for an imaging line or simulations to support early (or late!) stage development of electromagnetic devices we can provide a fresh look, applying decades of experience without the wait.

From biological sciences to software

We have worked with CalTech under the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) on ultrafast TEM technologies for unprecedented dose control with low-to-no radiation damage resulting in extended sample lifetime, by leveraging our UltraFast Pulser’s high repetition rates to enable precise timing for 3D imaging (tomogram) to reduce the effects of stage vibrations.

Euclid’s NexusLIMS data management software offers secure, highly integrated and powerful data management to enable precise collection and processing of hundreds of TEM images by multiple users.

Focused brilliance: big achievements, compact team

When you consider the breadth and scale of Euclid breakthroughs and footprint, you’d think we were an R&D behemoth. Not true. Our guiding principle of “big power in small packages” is a metaphor for our team as well. We’re a band of scientists and engineers who leverage each other’s brilliance and thrive on interdisciplinary innovation.

The right size to accelerate innovation

Euclid gives you access to knowledge in key disciplines that’s highly focused yet expansive, not limited by the silos you find in big firms. You work directly with a seasoned team of acclaimed scientists who join forces to generate breakthroughs. For example, the recent product UltraFast Pulser for TEMs was conceptualized in 2018 and was awarded the 2019 R&D Innovation award after being launched in NIST and Brookhaven National Laboratories with the key cooperation from electron microscope supplier JEOL USA Ltd.


A sampling of organizations that Euclid works with