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High-quality USA-made HPHT and CVD diamonds and diamond-based applications

Diamond materials that open up new realms of performance

Euclid has led the way in lab-grown high-crystallinity high-purity, single crystal HPHT/CVD diamonds with doping capability and customized features that achieve performance breakthroughs for research and industry. 

Ultralow (< 1ppb) nitrogen defects
Stress-free epitaxial growth
Crystal structures at theoretical limits

Diamonds and diamond-based applications

In addition to lab-grown diamonds, Euclid develops diamond-based applications for high energy and nuclear physics, defense, space exploration, medicine, and quantum sensing/information. (Shown: High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) reactor in Euclid laboratory)

Diamonds are a scientist’s best friend
Diamond has a track record of unsurpassed physical properties, well beyond commonly known ultra-hardness and inextricable connection to love and romance, such as:

  • The highest thermal conductivity of any material at room temperature
  • Very high breakdown electric field threshold
  • Radiation hardness
  • Transparency to ultraviolet light
  • Biochemical inertness

Made in America to power the next generation

Euclid has established the first U.S.-based capability to grow HPHT and MPE CVD diamonds for the next generation light sources in the high energy physics community. We have customized our reactors to craft our made-to-order solutions, such as:

  • 3D Diamond detectors and Beam Monitor sensors for High Energy Physics applications
  • Diamond-based detectors for Dark Matter research
  • Radiation tolerant high-power high-temperature diamond transistors for defense and space
  • A new line of nanocrystalline diamond-based cathodes
  • A single-crystal diamond compound refractive lens (CRL)
    and X-ray Phase plates to focus X-rays for next
    generation light sources
  • Customized CVD diamond Wakefield accelerator structures for
    THz frequency ranges
  • Diamond capillary manufacturing technology for laser-plasma Wakefield accelerators

Plug-&-play solutions for advanced physics research

Euclid’s ongoing contributions to advanced physics research includes our work with Argonne National Lab. Our plug-and-play solution for a superior electron emission source, based on ultra-nanocrystalline diamond (UNCD), overcomes the complexity and cost disadvantages of typical cathodes. Our field emission cathode (FEC) performs better even in planar configurations, and has survived under harsh conditions in RF guns without degradation, while delivering a brighter beam.

Customized CVD reactor for manufacturing the highest quality diamonds

The only diamonds that meet Euclid’s own standards

Euclid products ranging from accelerator components to our new compact portable accelerator incorporate diamonds we have custom-developed for our own use. The first CVD diamond in a dielectric accelerating structure was developed by Euclid, delivering  a record high accelerating gradient in THz frequency range. Our Ultra-Nano Crystalline Diamond Field Emission (UNCD-FE) cathode for high current applications (10 mA per pulse) is at the heart of our compact portable accelerator.

These same standards are applied to our diamond materials used in next generation electronics (high power switches, high frequency devices, high temperature devices), quantum sensors (biology & condensed matter systems, magnetometry, basic research) and quantum information processing.

Epitaxial CVD diamond on HPHT seed crystal