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Euclid Techlabs’ BNL collaborator receives a DoE Early Career Award

By May 20, 2021June 15th, 2023No Comments

Big congratulations to Dr. Mengjia Gaowei from Brookhaven National Laboratory for being awarded the DoE Early Career Award for Mission-Critical Research!

It is great to see our friend and colleague Dr. Mengjia Gaowei earn the prestigous DOE award, supporting her ground breaking work on photocathodes. Euclid Techlabs LLC Techlabs is humbled to work with such great collaborators.

Dr. Mengjia Gaowei has been collaborating with Dr. Ao Liu, Ph.D., Deputy Director of Research at Euclid Techlabs, on various approaches for environment-sensitve high-QE photocathode encapsulation. Their work is currently supported by the DoE SBIR program under contract DE-SC0021511.

“The photocathode encapsulation work that Dr. Gaowei and Euclid are working on can significantly expand the applications of these high-QE alkali antimonide photocathodes, and aligns well with the key missions of the electron ion collider (EIC) program at Brookhaven National Lab“, Liu explained.

Information about the DoE Early Career awards can be found here:
Information about Dr. Gaowei’s work at BNL and her Early Career research topic can be found here: