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WD Lab Grown Diamonds (MD), Euclid Beamlabs (MD) and Advanced Diamond (DE) have begun to a US-based consortium, leveraging the complementary strengths of these centralized diamond industry experts and accelerator experts at the Advanced Photon Source (Argonne National Laboratory) to create a domestic ecosystem for this critical accelerator technology. This early phase partnership will address the stringent material requirements for the accelerator community and begin establishment of a domestic diamond supply chain. 

This project is the first step to ultimately provide a US-based source for diffraction grade diamond optics capable of surviving the high-intensity conditions of the next generation of x-ray sources being developed for medical, physics, and materials research. This specialized ecosystem will intrinsically provide a strategic, revolutionary impact across a broad area of science including biology, medicine, cancer treatment, catalysis, surface science, and materials science. Other high technology applications requiring diamond material with similar characteristics such as quantum computing, industrial lasers, and medical applications will be able to reach new heights as well.