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Next week, Euclid Techlabs will be at the International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC24) in Nashville, TN to present latest developments on a wide range of accelerator-related technologies. Highly multidisciplinary in nature, the latest innovative research projects and industrial products will be presented through in-depth 1:1 poster presentations. Join us for some stimulating discussion on innovations in the accelerator community.


Tuesday,  21 May:

Development of a flux-concentrator-based 2-Tesla solenoid as a round lens for ultrafast microscopy by Dr. Chunguang Jing (TUPR77)

High-quality dislocation-free diffraction-grade HPHT diamond substrates for the next generation of synchrotron and FEL X-ray sources by Dr. Alexei Kanareykin (TUPG24)


Wednesday, 22 May:

Design and operation of a commercial molecular beam reactor for alkali antimonide growth by Dr. Eric Montgomery (WEPC48)

Low RF loss DC conductive ceramic for RF windows by Dr. Ben Freemire (WEPS17)

Ferroelectric fast reactive tuner – technology progress and applications by Dr. Alexei Kanareykin (WEPS16)

First Conduction Cooled Photoinjector Status by Dr. Roman Kostin (WEPS23)


Thursday, 23 May:

Electronic brachytherapy replacement of iridium-192 by Dr. Ben Freemire (THPR49)

Generation of Bunched Beam for SRF Industrial Cryomodules by Dr. Roman Kostin (THPR80)