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CVD Diamond Material for X-Ray Optics

By February 28, 2023June 15th, 2023No Comments

Euclid Techlabs reports progress in high quality single crystal epitaxial chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond growth for X-ray optics applications. High quality, low strain (111) epitaxial growth was characterized at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL/APS). X-ray rocking curve measurements revealed near theoretical peak widths (FWHM of 28.3 microrads on a substrate that measured at 25.9 – with 25 microrads being theoretical value for perfect crystal). Additionally, no nitrogen vacancies were detected in these materials. This epitaxial grown material is considered on par with the high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) diamond materials presently being imported for use in US accelerator and FEL optical systems. Additional qualifications are underway for Euclid to become the only US-based supplier of diamond optical materials to the US accelerator community.

Epitaxial layers larger than 8mm x 8mm x 100 microns are readily grown with (100) orientation to follow shortly. In collaboration with ANL/APS. See more information on our diamond page