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Dr. Kostin’s experimental system of conduction cooled cryomodule with L-band SRF photoinjector cavity installed.

At the TTC’23 conference at Fermilab (5-8 December, Batavia), Euclid’s Director of Engineering Dr. Roman Kostin presented our latest design considerations and recent experimental results of the SRF photoinjector cavity installed in Euclid-designed conduction cooled cryomodule.

Euclid Beamlabs’ conduction-cooled SRF photoinjector is designed for Ultra-Fast Electron Diffraction/Microscopy. Conduction cooling is a novel approach that cools Superconducting RF resonators using closed-cycle cryocoolers instead of liquid helium. With this novel approach, both cost and system complexity is significantly reduced. Euclid’s complete photoinjector cavity and the cryomodule system are presently being commissioned. Stay tuned for the first high gradient results of the cavity cooled by the conduction cooled cryomodule.