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Also at the TTC’23 conference at Fermilab (5-8 December, Batavia), the results of Euclid’s unique traveling wave excitation in a Superconducting RF cavity was presented. This was the first time a traveling wave has been demonstrated in an SRF cavity!

Journey to a world first: Assembly and tuning of traveling wave SRF cavity developed by Euclid and tested at Fermilab.

Traveling wave cavities could potentially provide up to 50% higher accelerating gradient than conventional standing wave cavities, significantly reducing the length and correspondingly the cost of the collider, saving billions of dollars.

Euclid’s team of Roman Kostin and Pavel Avrakhov demonstrated the world first TW regime with Fermilab’s support. Thanks to the entire team for achieving this huge milestone!  Stay tuned for more details on this project.

This work stems from Euclid’s DOE SBIR Grant # DE-SC0006300; to develop the world’s first superconducting traveling wave cavity for International Linear Collider (ILC).