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Euclid Showcases Breakthrough Conductive Ceramic Materials and Applications at FCC Week 2023

By June 5, 2023July 6th, 2023No Comments

This week at Future Circular Collider Week (5-9 June, London), Euclid Techlabs presented the recent experimental results of high power testing of the new 1.5 GHz waveguide RF windows and its 650 MHz coaxial versions. The windows were made of a new ceramic material with DC electrical conductivity combined with a low RF loss tangent for use in high-power coupler windows. Euclid’s magnesium titanate ceramic elements possess a tunable relative dielectric constant ε=15.2 and loss tangent below 2.1×10E-5 at 650 MHz, providing conductivity up to 10E-9 S/m. This tunable conductivity enables a dielectric window to effectively discharge any deposited charging during accelerator operations.

In this presentation, results from 1.5 GHz wave 650 MHz coaxial window assemblies were shown to have no evidence of multipacting and maintained stable working temperatures up to 80kW CW (650 MHz). This ‘dc conductive’ dielectric material opens up new capabilities in high power rf applications that are not approachable with standard alumina window materials.

In collaboration with Jefferson Lab and Fermilab. See abstract here and more information soon on our website


UHV compatible window assemblies successfully tested up to 80 kW CW in JLab’s high power test stand (second assembly is not labeled).